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I owe my introduction to publishing to Roger Dean who was producing a book of his own best-selling album covers and architectural designs just as I was finishing my art history degree. I helped with the text.

Views topped the Sunday Times non-fiction best-seller list for a year, much to everyone’s amazement, including mine. I figured that Frank Zappa’s description of rock journalism - ‘people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read’ might have a bearing on the willingness of a rock audience to buy books about rock imagery - but I was wrong.

The next big book that we put together, The Album Cover Album, took an art form that had evolved into magnificence under everybody’s nose, and gave it the right format (12”x12”), the right choice of covers by the right editors ( Roger Dean and Storm Thorgerson) and the right price (just under a fiver). It sold, all round the world, in its millions.

And once we’d established the principle that books on brilliant rock, comic strip and

sci-fi graphics sold like mad, we didn’t have to look for new projects - they just flowed in.

These are some of the books that I worked on:

Views (The work of Roger Dean), The Album Cover Album, Walk Away Rene (The work of Hipgnosis), The Dan Dare Trilogy, The Rolling Stones On Tour (Photos by Annie Liebowitz), The Studio , Mouse & Kelley, Rick Griffin3DEye  (The work of Michael English), HR Giger's Necronomicon, Chris Foss’s 21st Century Foss and Syd Mead's Sentinel.

I eventually went on to write, edit and produce books through the Creative Handbook, including Images (The Association of Illustrators' Annual) and The Creative Handbook Diaries. More recently, I’ve written a book on wealth and investment for Debrett’s.